Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers!)

When will Registration Open for Spring Season 2022?

Girls who participated in Fall Season 2021 (or any previous season) will be eligible for early registration in January. Public registration for Spring Season 2022 should open in mid-late January or early February. If you want to be notified when registration opens, please send an email to Coach Scott:

My Girl Hasn't Done Any Kind of Running - Can She Participate?

Most of the girls in the program are beginner runners and everyone is a first-time runner at some point. The program does not require any previous running experience. Many girls have gone from beginner, first-time runners to multiple season, experienced runners!

My Girl Already Loves Running - Is This Program for Her Too?

We have EVERY skill level of runner on the team including those who have won multiple age-group 5K runs. Run Club Menlo Park is a running club registered with USA Track & Field. Depending on your girl's level of interest, there may be opportunities to compete in USATF local, regional, and national cross-country and track competitions.

Does My Girl Need to Attend Both Days Each Week?

We strongly recommend that your girl attend both days as that's the BEST way to make meaningful running progress. Sometimes we have flexibility to make schedule adjustments, but girls who can attend all practices will have preference for program spaces over those who cannot. But, please feel free to reach out to us with your schedule and situation. We've made space for girls who have busy, varied schedules in hopes they will join us full-time in the next season!

Special Needs Runners - Can They Participate?

Coach Scott has coached three girls with Austism Spectrum Disorder with great success. Two of the girls successfully completed their 5K runs with one of them having completed five seasons and TEN 5K runs with the team. If needed, a reduced amount of running is completely acceptable as well.

"This season, I have one girl on the team who has special needs. She has been completely amazing, listening to my coaching, doing the running, inventing cheers for the team, and more. We had our practice 5K last Monday in which the girls had almost the entire practice, slightly less than an hour, to complete a 5K on our track (14 laps). Practice was about over and she had completed 11 laps and insisted on finishing the last 3 and some of the other girls ran extra laps with her!! She’s truly amazing!"

Background Screening for Coaches & SafeSport Certified

Run Club Menlo Park utilizes the United States Track & Field "Youth Background Screen" service to provide background checks on all coaches. In addition, Coach Scott has been SafeSport certified by the US Center for SafeSport.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

All Run Club Menlo Park coaches are vaccinated against COVID-19.

Program Fees & Refund Policy

If you have financial needs, please contact us. We can also provide 0% financing over 6 months, if needed.
In general, fees are refundable before the season begins. Once the season has begun, we do not generally issue season fee refunds.